Freezing MRE – Don’t do it

Although MRE has a long shelf life of 7-8 years if stored in a cool place, there is a desire by some to make it last longer.

The belief by some is that if you freeze MRE, it will be edible longer and therefore not needed to be replaced as often. That is if you are fortunate not to have a disaster where you will need it in the course of 7-8 years.

There are several reasons you should not to do this.

Over a long period of time (years) you are likely to have power outages. While they may not last long enough to ruin your regular frozen food, each time the MRE is partially thawed and re-frozen the more likely the packaging will delaminate and contaminate the food.

Also meat products, as we all know, should not be thawed and re-frozen. But you won’t be able to tell if there was any re-freezing until you open the MRE when you need it. And since the food will be stored over long periods it is more likely a thaw will go unnoticed.

What a time to find out your food is inedible.

Finally, whenever you freeze food a lot it’s nutritional value is lost, so it is better not to freeze food especially food that stores at room temperature a very long time.

There is no benefit at all to freezing freeze dried food on the other hand, as it lasts longer and freezing it would only degrade it’s quality.

Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center, Inc.

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