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Freeze dried meals have become popular in the last 25 years among hikers and campers as an easy to prepare food. You can carry freeze dried food in your backpack in pouches and can eat them hot or cold in minutes with no preparation, just add water.

These same properties also make freeze dried food ideal as a survival food reserve.

Freeze dried food is made through a process called lyophilisation. Fruit, vegetables, meats and prepared meals are “flash frozen” and then slowly warmed (not cooked) in a vacuum.  As a result the frozen water content in the food evaporates and is removed. With about 98% percent of the water removed, the normal decay process is stopped and food will be preserved a long time.

The food still needs to be sealed in vacuum packaging, but does not require any refrigeration.  In a cool dry place the food and it’s nutrients will be preserved for decades. Another way to seal the food is with nitrogen so no air is present and there is no oxygen.

A significant amount of energy is required in the drying process which is why it not used more widely for regular grocery items.

Freeze dried food that is sealed in nitrogen flushed #10 cans have these great survival food benefits;

  • Freeze dried food can last up to 25 years if stored properly
  • It can be stored in a much smaller space than other food reserves
  • Can be eaten just by adding water to hydrate
  • Prepared entrees can be freeze dried so not preparation required when consumed beside adding hot or cold water.
  • Retains the taste, texture, and nutrition of fresh food, much better than canned food
  • You can enjoy the same meals you are accustomed to eating everyday
  • In bulk can cost can be less than $3.00 per meal

A Large quantity, up to one year of freeze dried food can be stored in a pallet sized space. Freeze dried food will last longest if it stored in a place that is mostly cool (below 75F) and dry.

You can try a small box of freeze dried meal pouches first with your family to decide if the taste is right for you.

Freeze Dried Food comes in single meal pouches often used by hikers as well as large #10 cans from Mountain House brand foods. #10 cans have 8-30 servings depending on the the type of food, usually 10-12 servings.

Purchasing Freeze Dried Food Online:

Freeze dried food compares very well against all other long term food storage options. We recommend the bulk of your mix food storage to be freeze dried. The small space required, long shelf life and zero maintenance once stored make it the best choice.

Here is chart that shows freeze dried food’s superiority as a survival food versus other options;


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