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Ebola just latest threat for Tucson preppers

These days, if you have a bunch of Tucson preppers in a room with a doctor teaching them about survival medicine, you’d think one word would definitely come up: Ebola. But for members of the Southern Arizona Preppers Meet-Up group, the newly arrived hemorrhagic fever is just the latest nightmare scenario they’ve entertained. Earthquakes, financial . . .

Ebola protective gear: Smart or waste of money?

NBC King5 Remember when Americans started stocking up on duct tape and plastic sheeting after 9/11 and the anthrax scare? Now, some people are snapping up protective gear, with the arrival of the Ebola virus in the United States. At the “Land Air and Sea” military surplus store, and others like it across the country, . . .

AboveTopSecret discussion; long term storage – survival foods

Questions “I’m into prepping,but I cannot justify the “long term storage’ food prices.A #10 can for 25 bucks? I’d rather buy smaller cans,then rotate them out every 2 years or so.My biggest concern,other than the $$,has anyone really tested these after 25 yrs? I know,they are nitrogen packed,freeze dried,whatever so they say.They also have a . . .

Washington Post; How ‘survivalists’ in America are planning their escape from Ebola apocalypse

“Panicking is the worst thing to do,” said Daisy Luther, who runs the Web site the Organic Prepper, in an interview with The Washington Post. ” … A lot of people are really getting pretty worked up about this. Being prepared means you don’t need to get really panicked.” Tess Pennington of the prepper Web . . .

Sales of survival kits surge as fear of Ebola outbreak builds

After the first person died on American soil from the deadly Ebola virus, a Chicago-area business soon sold out of its $150 infection protection kit. “Sales are extremely responsive to headlines. When the Dallas headlines started to hit, we sold out,” said David Scott, president of Northbrook-based LifeSecure, referring to Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian . . .

Ebola Escalation Could Trigger Major Food Crisis

The global famine warning system is predicting a major food crisis if the Ebola outbreak continues to grow exponentially over the coming months, and the United Nations still hasn’t reached over 750,000 people in need of food in West Africa as prices spiral and farms are abandoned. Associated Press

15 Important Items for a DIY Emergency Preparedness Kit

The usual bad advice on food for a home emergency kit – canned goods & granola bars – From Fox 2; Hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, fire! We all hope that none of these disasters will ever affect us … but just in case the unthinkable happens, it’s wise to be prepared. Having an emergency supply . . .

Are Ebola fears in the US overblown

Maggie Fox, Senior Health Writer for NBCNews.com, tells Alex Witt why she believes the mass hysteria surrounding Ebola in the United States is misplaced.

Ebola quarantined Sierra Leone residents get emergency food delivery

The U.N.’s World Food Program on Saturday delivered emergency food rations to 265,000 people, many of them quarantined in Sierra Leone, to help fight the spread of Ebola. Food supplies are being distributed in the Waterloo district on the outskirts of Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, WFP’s Alexis Masciarelli told the Associated Press.