Smart Survival: This is How You Find Water When There Is None To Be Found | Ready Nutrition

Three weeks without food is survivable, but three days without water will kill you. With water being one of your main survival priorities, you want to know multiple ways of procuring this vital resource in an emergency situation. There are hidden water sources in your home, as well as in the wild. Knowing how to fine tune your skills in order to make the most of a precarious situation will save you time, energy, and potentially, your life

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How FEMA’s Preparing for Typhoon Dolphin |

While Guam is 17 hours ahead of our regional office in Oakland, and 14 hours ahead of FEMA HQ in Washington, DC, we’re working together to prepare federal support that may be needed for Typhoon Dolphin in the Pacific. As of May 14, 3:30 p.m. Eastern time, forecasts are calling for winds around 100 mph, storm surge along coastal areas, and lots of rain for Guam and the surrounding islands.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what FEMA and some of our federal partners are doing to get ready:

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MRE Review: Meal Kit Supply Menu #12 ~Apple Maple Oatmeal

I finally got around to checking out one of the MREs from the case I recently got from Meal Kit Supply ( ). This one is Menu No.6–Apple Maple Oatmeal. It was a very good breakfast MRE. It would be especially good for someone with a bit of a sweet tooth. Between the maple flavor of the oatmeal, the Maple Muffin Top, the Frosted Brown Sugar Toaster Pastry (Pop Tart), and the Blackberry Jam on the Wheat Snack Bread it was very sweet.


MRE Review: Meal Kit Supply Menu #12 ~Apple Maple Oatmeal

▶ Home #Prepping System Reorganization by TheUrbanPrepper


In early 2013, I posted a video titled “Home Prepping System”, which outlined my organization strategy and design for all of the prepping items within my home. Over time, things began to stall out with this project due to the mammoth size of it and the lack of a refined organization system. I was recently inspired by YouTubers and “Home Organization Queen”, DoItOnADime, who has a channel focused on budget friendly and clever home organization tips.

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MRE Reviews: Menu No.2 Southwest Beef in Black Bean Sauce from XMRE


This is not ASMR, but more of something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I ordered an MRE online due to seeing dudes like gshultz9 and Kiwi Dude. They all looked so good so I wanted to try it out in front of a camera. Hopefully the audio isn’t too crazy. Excuse the humming that is my refridgerator. I hope this is interesting!

If you have not seen or heard of MRE’s (Meal Ready to Eat) by now, I have to wonder where you have been. MRE’s are a military staple that has naturally bled over into the preparedness market because of their long storage life and simplicity. For the uninitiated, MRE’s are what our soldiers eat when they are away from base. MRE’s come from a long history of military food options that….

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Eric Cline | 1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed

1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed

February 25, 2015

Dr. Eric H. Cline

Professor of Classics and Anthropology

Chair of the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Director of the Capitol Archaeological Institute at The George Washington University, in Washington D.C.

For more than three hundred years during the Late Bronze Age, from about 1500 BC to 1200 BC, the Mediterranean region played host to a complex international world in which Egyptians, Mycenaeans, Minoans, Hittites, Assyrians, Babylonians, Cypriots, and Canaanites all interacted, creating a cosmopolitan and globalized world-system such as has only rarely been seen before the current day. It may have been this very internationalism that contributed to the apocalyptic disaster that ended the Bronze Age. When the end came, as it did after centuries of cultural and technological evolution, the civilized and international world of the Mediterranean regions came to a dramatic halt in a vast area stretching from Greece and Italy in the west to Egypt, Canaan, and Mesopotamia in the east. Large empires and small kingdoms, that had taken centuries to evolve, collapsed rapidly. With their end came the world’s first recorded Dark Ages. It was not until centuries later that a new cultural renaissance emerged in Greece and the other affected areas, setting the stage for the evolution of Western society as we know it today. Blame for the end of the Late Bronze Age is usually laid squarely at the feet of the so-called Sea Peoples, known to us from the records of the Egyptian pharaohs Merneptah and Ramses III. However, as was the case with the fall of the Roman Empire, the end of the Bronze Age empires in this region was not the result of a single invasion, but of multiple causes. The Sea Peoples may well have been responsible for some of the destruction that occurred at the end of the Late Bronze Age, but it is much more likely that a concatenation of events, both human and natural — including earthquake storms, droughts, rebellions, and systems collapse — coalesced to create a “perfect storm” that brought the age to an end.


Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food: Home

For over 40 years, Mountain House has been encouraging the spirit of adventure to backpackers, campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts wherever their passion for life takes them. We salute those who share this passion for life by offering a taste of home when other comforts aren’t available. We are the only freeze-dried food company that fresh cooks our meals before freeze-drying – ensuring our products contain the freshest ingredients. We go the extra mile, because we know it allows you to go the extra mile.


2015 Preparedness Summit April 14th – 17th Atlanta |#prep15

The Preparedness Summit is the first and longest running national conference on public health preparedness. Since its beginning in 2006, the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) has taken a leadership role in convening a wide array of partners to participate in the Summit; presenting new research findings, sharing tools and resources, and providing a variety of opportunities for attendees to learn how to implement model practices that enhance the nation’s capabilities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters and other emergencies. This past year, this 4-day annual event, brought over 1,600 attendees to Atlanta, Georgia from nearly every state in the nation as well as several territories and countries, including China and Australia.

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PrepperCon Expo April 24th & 25th Sandy, Utah #preppercon #preppers

PREPPERCON showcases training, education, fundamentals, self-defense, survival, food storage, first aid, gadgets, gear, and networking alongside the most entertaining atmosphere you could imagine in the Prepping industry.

PREPPERCON is geared to be your one stop shop for gathering your gear, and will be informative, motivational, & very entertaining. With all of the excitement and energy of a Comic Con, we have hands-on classes, celebrity speakers, panels, disaster simulations, fashion shows, and contests. This is the PREMIER prepper event for Utah and you DON’T want to miss #PREPPERCON

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